Raw Material


The name brass actually covers a wide range of alloys, and they are fundamentally a combination of copper and zinc, other elements being added to increase the strength, scalability,malleability, ductility or resistance to corrosive attack.A Quality raw material are the necessary requirements for any quality finished product. We bring in scrap and rework them to produce rods of desired shapes and sizes. We have melt units to convert these scraps to raw materials for machining.we used best scrap in industries for production of our best product,We also get special graded Extruded Material as CZ 121, CZ122, HTB1, CuZn40, BS 319, C36000, C37000 etc.



We have our built in casting facility where we used the imported scraps and we process on it and melt them. Thus we welcome any suppliers or industries who are interested in supplying these scrap to us.we make these scraps to different shapes and sizes, as per our requirement or based on customer requirment and then forwarded to our forging or machine department for further process.

Manufacturing and machining


We have Manual,Semi Automatic and automatic turning machines with an accuracy of +_0.02 to 0.05mm tolerance based on customer requirment.

Surface finish/plating

Surface finishplating

Based on Customer requirment This is being outsourced locally and our self also.we have many good electroplaters available, and do golden plating, Silver Plating, Copper plating, Lead Plating etc as of customer requirment.



We have quality control department, and we inspect before cleaning,after cleaning,while reloading,after each round is finished and we inspect the cases before we clean them for signs of leakage. Then we clean and size looking them over for other signs of stress.we load for 9mm,40S&W,45 Colt,454 Casull, 460 S&W Mag.which ensures that each product manufactured as exactly to the print and each process are controlled and the quality of the parts maintained throughout the entire process. We provide inspection reports to our customers if required.



Packing plays a major role in the assurance of adequate down-stream pressure. To that purpose, Triangle carries the top brand name in 838 styles of packing for general service.wide range of special packaging options for our customers. We are experts in packaging single and multiple unit products that meet a variety of specifications like corrugated boxes, wooden cases, pallet packing etc.